André Badenhorst

If you haven’t heard of André, you haven’t seen South African Rock & Roll. Name the band, he has shot them, and had shots with them. Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow - he is THE go-to guy for anything conceptual, artistic and pure rock fury.

12 Years and 28 awards later (don’t ask him, he’s a modest man), Andre continues to push the boundaries of conceptual photography one click at a time. Always the same in real life or behind the camera, his motto is rocking and rolling, being honest and true.

Gear List :

  • Fujifilm GFX 50r

  • GF 32-64mm F4 R LM WR LENS

  • Fujifilm X-H1

  • Fujifilm XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR

Conceptual Photography


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Instagram: @antbosman
Facebook Page: @landscapeguyanton

Anton Bosman

Anton Bosman is a multi-faceted photographer who specializes in land- and cityscapes. Having worked in a darkroom as a young adult, Anton found himself increasingly more active in photography over the past ten years. His passion is capturing his hometown of Johannesburg, photographing the city’s old iconic buildings, but also the constant range of newer ones emerging.

Anton works closely with tourism departments to help promote South Africa through his imagery, while he often supplies images to television producers, resulting in exciting collaborations. His work has been published in several magazines as well as billboards.


Earl Abrahams 

Earl Abrahams was born and raised in Bonteheuwel, a township situated on the Cape Flats, Cape Town. His experience in the Social Development/NPO sector has significantly contributed to the way he sees, experiences and captures the world and has set him on a journey toward becoming an artist.

Earl explores themes surrounding identity, spatial and racial segregation, which can be seen in his collaborations such as ‘Routes,’ ‘Spoken Portraits’ and his photographic body of work titled ‘Coloured In’ completed for a residency at Amplify Studio in Cape Town.

He’s currently active within the commercial and film industry, and based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  • X-T2

  • 23MM

  • 35MM

  • 50MM

  • 90MM

  • 10-24MM

  • 16-55MM




People and Spaces

Post by Earl Abrahams

Johann van der Walt

Johann van der Walt

Johann is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a fellow of the Photographic Society of South Africa.  He is also a honorary member of China Photographers Association and the country representative of Global Photographic Union.

Johann is an amateur photographer who takes his hobby seriously. 

He especially enjoys landscape photography but like any amateur photographer, he is “fluent” in many genres of photography. He has won many accolades for his photographs over his photography career of which his first salon acceptances was for a landscape photograph in 1977. 

In 2007 Johann was elected to the Board of the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) as a regional director. Johann held this position until 2011 when he was elected as a national director of PSSA.  In 2009 Johann was elected as 2nd vice president of PSSA and in 2010 as 1st vice president of PSSA. In November 2011 Johann was elected to the position of President of PSSA for a 2 year term. His term as president ended in November 2013. Currently Johann is a national director of PSSA.

Johann lectures part time in photography in South Africa as well as at international photography festivals.  He also participated in several international exhibitions with his photos. 

About the Fujifilm X- system, Johann says “I initially bought into the Fujifilm X system in order to travel light, but soon found out that the ergonomics of these cameras far surpasses the traditional DLSR setup, and the image quality of the Fujifilm cameras definitely out perform the competition by far.  I just did not want to use anything else anymore.  The Fujifilm system is a love affair!”




Instagram: @japblog

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YouTube: John Armstrong Photography

John Armstrong

John Armstrong is an award-winning international photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is involved in a wide range of photographic genres with a focus on portraiture and weddings. Having worked previously in the film industry, John brings an in-depth technical knowledge to his work.

Through his photography, he has been privileged to be able to travel the world, having photographed well known icons in both business and entertainment. John credits his high work ethic and strong relationship building to his success.

Gear Used:

  • X-Series Bodies

    • X-PRO2

    • X-T2

    • X-T3

    • GFX 50R

  • X-Series Lenses

    • 10-24mm f4

    • 35mm f1.4

    • 52mm f1.2

    • 90mm f2

    • 100-400mm f4.5 - 5.6

  • GF Lenses

    • GF32-64mm f4

    • GF45mm f2.8

    • GF64mm f4




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Photo 2.jpg

Mardee Maree

Twitter: @mardeemaree

Instagram: @mardeemaree

Facebook: Shoot2print

Mardee Maree

With a passion for painting with light, and creating images that define confidence, he is best known for his striking fashion and emotive wedding photography.


Nathalie Boucry

MY Roots

I was born in Mannheim, Germany to a French father and a German mother. I grew up there with a strong influence of my mother’s love for life and my father’s passion for photography. Photography has always been a part of my life and is an extension of my self.


Despite my passion for photography, I studied tourism and ended up working in the African bush on mobile safaris. Starved of civilization I moved to Johannesburg and finally chose to follow my passion. I have been working as a photographer since 2006.

my gear

My first film camera was given to me by my dad when I was about 8. Some years later, I inherited his first SLR, which paved the way to a solid experience in 35mm film photography.

Today, I work with the Fujifilm mirrorless range.

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Neill Soden


Instagram: @neillsoden

Twitter: @neillsoden

Neill Soden

Life as it happens holds the most promise. To capture it naturally, I use the light I have available and use it to my advantage. To capture those moments and emotions, you need to look ahead at what will happen before it happens. This is what I try to achieve with my photography. Capture moments without interfering.

In this world of instant gratification, photography has to find its place. I believe that it can still be a form of art in its very own right and not disappear in this world of snapshots and selfies. The Fujifilm gear has allowed me to grow this belief and create the art that photography offers.

Being a bit of a gadget geek, I love playing around with any new gear Fujifilm brings out. I test it out, see what it can do and write reviews about my experiences on my site. This allows me to experiment with gear that wouldn’t normally fall in my genre of photography, broaden my horizons and introduces me to options I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Posts by Neill Soden

Patrick Furter

Patrick Furter

Patrick Furter is a professional photographer that has been behind the lens for the past 23 years, accumulating a wealth of experience in all the different aspects of Photography.

 His journey started as an assistant to a commercial photographer, where anything and everything were photographed – from food to vehicles to magazine covers – and during these four years, Patrick realized his affinity to connect with, and photograph people.

He cultivated his talent over the years that followed and found that his forté is wedding photography; he makes a connection with each couple on a personal level and then manages to bring out the best in them, portraying the wedding day as it unfolds with all the unforgettable moments captured through a journalistic view.

 Patrick says: ‘Shooting with my Fujifilm XT-1 lifts the level of excitement and inspires me to photograph everything with a fresh approach. 

Peter Delaney

In 2001, Africa became the new chapter in my life. The sheer size and magnitude of the African continent was overwhelming. I traveled the forests of Bwindi to the peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, to the shores of Lake Malawi and the red Desert Landscape of the Kalahari. Wildlife photography has become more than a passion, it has become my life. A life I am very proud of and one that I wish to share with everyone.


Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu

Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu is a Nigerian-born photographer, currently living in South Africa. Completely self-taught, he mainly specialises in portrait and fashion photography.  

“My camera is my everything,” Ojo-Aromokundu claims, noting that his move to the Fujifilm mirrorless system was the best decision he ever made. “Fujifilm just speaks to me. The design fits everything I want, it’s small and gets the job done. It truly provides me with the accuracy that I need,” he says.


  • Fujifilm X-T3 with battery grip

  • Fujinon 56mm f1.2




Post by Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu

Tim Moolman

Tim Moolman is a rare breed of professional photographer able to make photographs in many different genres and do it well. He’s probably best known for his skateboarding photography and is a passionate documentary photographer. You can see this in his approach to capturing projects, events and especially his stunning documentary wedding photography.

Having started his professional career over 15 years ago while living on the Isle of Man, UK, he went on to cover a variety of events such as the Isle of Man TT, Maloof Money Cup, 947 Cycle Challenge, Ultra Dance amongst others and is very proud to have been selected as an official photographer to the British Royal Family on four occasions and has even skateboarded with Tony Hawk.

He is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa along with his wife, fearless daughter, their poodles and a collection of skateboards.



Warren James Krige

My visual journey into the arts began with the smell of oil paint and turpentine in my mother’s home studio. It was, however, behind a camera during my travels that I found my true creative voice. Between 1999 and 2009, I visited over thirty countries, clicking through my eye-piece all the way. I fell in love with capturing the moment through a lens. Line, colour, expression and mood have always fascinated me and I found that I was most intrigued when using these elements to take interesting pictures of people and places around me. I am proud to be a partner alongside Danie Bester (Fine Art Photographer) in DPC, one of South Africa’s leading photography training institutions.



Fashion and Advertising