I am Anton Bosman and I am a Fujifilm user .

I have been around cameras since the late 80’s ,from when I worked in a darkroom but I never felt an urge to be a photographer.

It wasn’t till many years later that I got my first DSLR, to take pictures of my kids growing up. That was when the bug really bit. I am very much an outdoors person being an avid cyclist most of my life as well as running.

My passion for photography soon turned to landscapes, however I realized that if one was not to travel to destinations that often, there simply would not be enough of an opportunity to get new content .

I turned my eye to Johannesburg, having been fascinated with the city since being a young and tender kid .This instilled within me a passion for cityscape photography. I love the challenges of cityscape photography, the tricky compositions, the ever changing light with extreme contrasts ,nighttime images with the deep darks against the artificial lights.

I would go as far as to say I believe it’s one  of the most difficult genres to master. I have been at it for the past 9 years and learn everyday.

As for landscapes, whenever I get to do a road trip I am constantly sitting behind my tripod.

When my monetary Titanic lands I will be doing a lot more landscapes (we can all dream of course).

Anton Bosman
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