My name is Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu, but most people know me as Emmy.

I came to South Africa in March 2012 to study Electrical Engineering which wasn't my choice, but my parents. I joined the media team at my church that same year which was how I was introduced to camera work, starting off with videography. I did videography for 2 years when one of the directors advised me to look into photography. My dad use to be a photographer, but I never touched his camera. I still however do video work for my church almost every Sunday for live streaming and for their DSTV Channel.

I decided to look into photography and got myself a point & shoot camera and joined a few groups on Facebook and started watching loads of YouTube videos as I had to teach myself everything. After I finished my Engineering course, I was suppose to do my internship but I couldn't get a company to take me in for training, which gave me more time to pursue  photography and now its all I want to do.

Moving to Fujifilm and upgrading to the X-T2 is one of the best decision I made in my journey as a photographer and I love what I do, and its all I want to do. Whenever I have the opportunity to shoot, I feel alive and I am extremely grateful that I discovered photography.

Emmanuel Ojo-Aromokundu
Instagram: @_emmy.photography
Facebook: @emmyrealimage
Website: emmyphotography.co.za