People call me Krispy. (Chris P)uren

It started many years ago. My friend and I went out for drinks when her mom called and asked her where she was. She said she was out having drinks with “Chris”. Her mom asked which Chris (In the town I grew up there were a lot of us) and she said “Chris Puren”. All her mom heard was Chrispy. The name stuck haha!

I was in Saudi Arabia in 2008 for work. I met this dude also working on the same project. He wanted to go buy a camera so I tagged along. After he made the purchase he gave me the camera to play with, and I was impressed! I didn’t know anything but what caught me is that photography and gear is very technical. Coming from a technical background I immediately fell in love with photography before even taking one shot.

I came back to South Africa and for three months I read up on photography as much as I could. Learning the basics, how aperture, shutter speed and iso work together to make up the exposure. I read up on composition and the various ways to compose a shot.

I got my first camera and was hooked

I started off with street photography. The reason is that I get to explore and go to places I would have never gone if I wasn’t holding a camera in my hand. You get to see a city with different eyes.

Portrait photography only came much later

A friend asked if I can take a couple of shots of her in her new dress. I soon realised that portrait photography is a completely different ball game. I now have to work with people. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. I love interacting with all humans, but taking photos of people is different. You know have to tell them what to do. You are the director, the photographer and producer all at once!

So I combined what I know best with my new passion and started doing urban portraits. I love street, I love natural light and I love interacting with people, so combining all this paints a pretty picture.

When I’m not out photographing faces or streets, I spend time with my family. I have a beautiful partner and a very cute baby girl. I play guitar and listen to a lot of music. A LOT! Occasionally I play video games. (lies! Call of Duty is not a game!)

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