ANTON BOSMAN - Call me a cheat or be blown away!

Be prepared to either see me as a cheat, be blown away, or shocked!

by Anton Bosman

I am not sure what these two images will do to people.

I am quite astounded by the ability of the sensor in the X-T10 and X-T1.

Dynamic range is an often very overlooked term in cameras and something many landscape photographers don’t understand and also completely ignore when it comes to their work in terms of what they are hoping to achieve.

For me it has always been a very simple process.

I want to see as much detail in the scene as I possibly can, the next thing I desire is to have as little noise as possible.

This one can achieve by using a few tricks.

One of those for me is to take several meter reading from the camera in the absolute darks, mids and highlights and balance them out.

The other option being HDR where on would bracket at different exposures.

To keep the noise at bay I obviously use the lowest ISO as required for my desired shutter speed.

I have found over the years that the minute one tends to under expose you are immediately faced with quite a bit of noise, the other challenge being that one can’t pull enough information back.

Increasing the exposure in Lightroom brings back the shadows but hectically increases the highlights.

I then started doing test shots with my X-T10 and my (now sold) full frame DSLR.

In terms of information in the images alone taken in RAW and perfectly exposed images I found I was getting very similar if not the exact same resolution from my 16 MP, as I was getting from my 22 MP full frame.

This already blew me away.

Another thing I noticed was how clean the images from the Fuji were straight out of camera (all in RAW)

The absence of a low pass filter must obviously play a big role in this.

I then started playing around with some under exposed images (ones I would normally discard) because they either come out too noisy or I can’t pull back enough information.

Again I was totally astounded at the quality I was getting in post processing especially considering the images are in the “discard” file in my mind because of my inability to correctly expose.

I then took a night time image I took with my X-T10 mounted on a Gorilla Pod over a window on the edge of a rooftop.

It is a 25 second exposure which I horribly under exposed.

Thinking of how Fuji boast about their sensors ability to capture a much wider dynamic range I decided to do some post processing to the image in Light room.

I will leave it right there as I think the results speak absolute volumes for Fuji regards to their claims and the ability of their cameras.

As a note, I do enjoy processing my colours with a very vibrant impact.

Original unprocessed image!

Processed Image!