Julian Naidoo - Xperience the First X-T2

I have been a cinematographer for 16 years shooting high profile international clients.  My passion for still and motion imagery started as a kid.  This passion eventually led to me owning the best flagship DSLR’s in the industry.  After spending a fortune getting the best assuming that I could deliver the best, I learnt that the support service was not.  Desperate, I started investigating all avenues, and by faith I was introduced to the Fujifilm brand.  Out of desperation, I took a chance and decided to explore the option at hand.  My first visit to Fujifilm Head Office I was introduced to the National Sales Manager (Eslie Basson).  He provided me with some history about the brand, their methodologies and future endeavours. 


After this quick meeting, I was presented with a loan unit and was told to “Try it” and that’s exactly what I did..  I wish I gave Fujifilm a chance much sooner.  The camera was compact, light and the image quality had me boggled.  I just cannot seem to find my direction back to a DSLR again.  I now am a proud owner of the Fujifilm X-T2 and I am definitely loving it.