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Impac Swede

Fujifilm are proud to be a part of the Impac Swede on the 18th of September.  Come and join in with the fun and create a video with the Fujifilm XM-1 Cameras.  

 1st prize is an Fujifilm XM-1 worth R 7999.00

Have fun while recreating your favourite films using only DIY props, in-camera effects and some ingenuity. 

Made popular by Michel Gondry in his film, "Be kind, Rewind", Swede filmmaking has become a worldwide phenomenon. Swede filmmaking is all about having fun and not being too serious while recreating scenes from famous films. 

Join us on Friday, the 18th of September at 15:00 at the IMPAC film festival at the Open Window Institute in Southdowns Irene and make a Sweded film masterpiece. 

Entrance is R20 and food and drinks will be on sale. 

Bring your friends and have fun while making films! 

All of the films made will be screened on Saturday, the 19th of September at the IMPAC film festival.