Pierre vd Walt

As a Commercial Photographer based in Johannesburg, Pierre vd Walt is known for his creativity in producing fashion, automotive and product images. 
He also heads up the NextGen Photo Academy where the team share their passion for photography with amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals alike through courses, events and excursions.


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Johann van der Walt
Web :  http://johann.vdwalt.net

Johann is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a fellow of the Photographic Society of South Africa.  He is also a honorary member of China Photographers Association and the country representative of Global Photographic Union.

Johann is an amateur photographer who takes his hobby seriously. 

He especially enjoys landscape photography but like any amateur photographer, he is “fluent” in many genres of photography. He has won many accolades for his photographs over his photography career of which his first salon acceptances was for a landscape photograph in 1977. 

In 2007 Johann was elected to the Board of the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) as a regional director. Johann held this position until 2011 when he was elected as a national director of PSSA.  In 2009 Johann was elected as 2nd vice president of PSSA and in 2010 as 1st vice president of PSSA. In November 2011 Johann was elected to the position of President of PSSA for a 2 year term. His term as president ended in November 2013. Currently Johann is a national director of PSSA.

Johann lectures part time in photography in South Africa as well as at international photography festivals.  He also participated in several international exhibitions with his photos. 

About the Fujifilm X- system, Johann says “I initially bought into the Fujifilm X system in order to travel light, but soon found out that the ergonomics of these cameras far surpasses the traditional DLSR setup, and the image quality of the Fujifilm cameras definitely out perform the competition by far.  I just did not want to use anything else anymore.  The Fujifilm system is a love affair!”

Neill Soden
Web : www.neillsoden.co.za
Twitter : @neillsoden
Instagram : @neillsoden

Life as it happens holds the most promise. To capture it naturally, I use the light I have available and use it to my advantage. To capture those moments and emotions, you need to look ahead at what will happen before it happens. This is what I try to achieve with my photography. Capture moments without interfering. 

Posts by Neill Soden

In this world of instant gratification, photography has to find its place. I believe that it can still be a form of art in its very own right and not disappear in this world of snapshots and selfies. The Fujifilm gear has allowed me to grow this belief and create the art that photography offers.

Being a bit of a gadget geek, I love playing around with any new gear Fuji brings out. I test it out, see what it can do and write reviews about my experiences on my site. This allows me to experiment with gear that wouldn’t normally fall in my genre of photography, broaden my horizons and introduces me to options I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Mardee Maree

With a passion for painting with light, and creating images that define confidence, he is best known for his striking fashion and emotive wedding photography.

Twitter: @mardeemaree
instagram: @mardeemaree
Facebook:  Shoot2print

Du Wayne Denton
Web : http://duwaynephotography.com
Twitter : @duwaynedenton
Instagram: @duwaynedenton

Du Wayne Denton is an Cape Town based Photographer specializing in wedding photography and portraiture. He has photographed weddings over South Africa and international destinations such as The Netherlands, Russia, New York, Zimbabwe, and Angola.  He have gained tremendous insight and experience over the years which has enabled him to capture incredible moments. 

“When I was introduced to the Fujifilm X-series and their mirror-less cameras, I was really surprised with their capabilities. Photographing with my Fujifilm X-T1; it allows me to be creative and to get the moments that I know my client would love to remember.”


Patrick Furter
Web: http://patrickfurter.co.za 

Patrick Furter is a professional photographer that has been behind the lens for the past 23 years, accumulating a wealth of experience in all the different aspects of Photography.

 His journey started as an assistant to a commercial photographer, where anything and everything were photographed – from food to vehicles to magazine covers – and during these four years, Patrick realized his affinity to connect with, and photograph people.

He cultivated his talent over the years that followed and found that his forté is wedding photography; he makes a connection with each couple on a personal level and then manages to bring out the best in them, portraying the wedding day as it unfolds with all the unforgettable moments captured through a journalistic view.

 Patrick says: ‘Shooting with my Fujifilm XT-1 lifts the level of excitement and inspires me to photograph everything with a fresh approach. 

Peter Delaney
Web http://fineartwilderness.com

In 2001, Africa became the new chapter in my life. The sheer size and magnitude of the African continent was overwhelming. I traveled the forests of Bwindi to the peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, to the shores of Lake Malawi and the red Desert Landscape of the Kalahari. Wildlife photography has become more than a passion, it has become my life. A life I am very proud of and one that I wish to share with everyone.

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